Thursday, 16 February 2017

#MTNZakhele nightmare of a #BEEInvestment

Hello people out there!

Let me tell you about the nightmare I am experiencing at the hands of the #MTNBEE people who are administrating the winding up of the #MTNZakhele shares. So, last year when they announced the winding up, I decided that I was not interested in the offer to join another BEE scheme that they have cooked up #MTNZakheleFuthi and so I opted for a full payout of my shares. At the time, I had decided on a different route of owning #MTNShares and so, since the bank accound I had used to buy the shares in 2010 had become victim to fraud and I had to close it, I knew that I would have to contact them to change my banking details. The payment was to happen on the 23rd of November 2016. I called their number on the 6th of September and requested information on how to make this update. I was attended to and someone named Matseko Sonamzi sent me the form. I then printed the relevant pages, as advised by the agent on the phone, and I filled in my information, made a copy of my ID and queued at the police station to have it certified. I then also went to the bank and queued for them to put the stamp as requested on the form. I canned and emailed these documents to the email quoted on the form and then I sat and waited for my payment to come. Luckily, I have people at home against whom I could determine if my payment should have arrived, after the 23rd hit. And so I waited and waited and thought that perhaps because of the volumes the payments would not reflect immediately on the 23rd or some 2 working days after that. In December the people at home got their payout and mine did not come so I followed up with the support people. Guess what? They had not processed my request and their excuse was that there was a page missing which I was supposed to have included. They claimed to have sent me this communication but when I asked them to produce the evidence of this communication, they could not. So instead they said I should send them the missing page and they will process it. So once again I printed the form’s missing page, filled in it in and signed it and then I sent it. They acknowledged receipt of it and informed me that the update would be done. This did not happen and I gave then time to process it before I started hounding them about why it had not been done. Eventually I got tired and opened a case with the whistleblowers (< ) and the ombuds (faisombud and osti) people. I also logged a Hello Peter complaint and suddenly I got an sms saying that my banking details had been changed. I then waited to get notification from the bank but #dololo payment. Meanwhile the whistle blowing people sent me a SENS as a response to my complaint. After they asked me for my sensitive and personal information, promising to assist me. In the end they did nothing but go online, copy the contents of this SENS and send them to me in an email. What a disappointment… I wonder if perhaps something about me inspired them not to handle my case like they would if it had been brought to them by someone different to me, of a name less telling of my ethnicity. Anyway, my hope now lay with the ombuds, whose process can take aging years. While the ombuds snailpaced, these snakes from #MTNZakhele send me requests to send them yet another certified copy of my ID and a bank statement starting from some date in December. I refused. Why should I have to do that when other did not have to but received their payment? It became a heated back and forth but I stood my ground. Then yesterday afternoon I got a call from a lady saying she is from #MTNZakhele and she is informing me that a payment is due to me. I am not sure what she was after people I shut that down before she could even. Those in may family did not receive such calls and yet their payment was made. This people want to treat me different when they must pay but when I was buying, they did not give me the run around. Their latest request came today and they are asking me to fill anew the form to update my banking details. These people really want me to cuss.

For those of you who have taken up the #MTNZakheleFuthi scheme, I hope you never have to go through the hell I am going through when it comes time to cash out. #BlackEmpowerment se foet. #MTNZakhele does not know the meaning of the word. I bet some white people will be chuffed to read this; it is a triumph for them that all this empowerment purported is backfiring on us the beneficiaries. Never had I regretted an association with an organisation as I do now. In the end I expect I shall be victimised further but I will not go down in silence! I have lost so many opportunities to reinvest that money.

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