Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Know the law...

Dear reader.

Most of us go through life accepting ill treatment from different sources. There are many reasons for this but I will just touch on a few. If you are someone who does not like confrontations or is not assertive, you often find yourself giving in to unreasonable demands from other people that do not necessarily hold your best interest at the core. People who may be exerting this kind of torture on you may be your family members, so-called friends and employers.

The law can apply in every aspect of your life so long as you know of it and how to apply it. For example, do some of you know that under South African labour law you are only expected to obey reasonable requests or instructions from your employer so long as they are not illegal? That if you are asked to work overtime and you are not holding a senior or managerial position, you have the right to be paid for the overtime you put in.

Some managers will try and sweeten an offer to a potential client by offering lots of free overtime work which they will tell you to specify on the client's time sheet while you are only allowed to log eight hours in the company timesheet that goes to payroll.

This is my first blog and I do not want to get longwinded here. The bottom line is knowledge can and will protect you, so know the law!

Peace be with you and thanks for reading.

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